Mapping the Covid19 Experience

Mapping Space, Time, Movement, Sound, and Emotions through Drawing

During the 2020 Covid19 Quarantine in Chicago, IL

I’ve been working with my GAC students and colleague, Andres Hernandez to visually map our experiences during the Covid19 Pandemic. We actually started mapping our community before Covid19, but then we were concerned with issues of safety and freedom within the context of an unequal and disparate political/economic space. Now we are faced with a new world, a new way of living. We decided to use our mapping technique to capture our experiences facing this novel virus. What is like to be in our homes, to venture out into the world? What are our issues of safety, danger, freedom, and restriction now?

Intended to be an artistic way to capture data difficult to quantify, this process became a way of journaling for me in my own practice. I’ve continued to do the drawings as a way to see within and express the ineffable.

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