Light – what are others doing?

I have loved looking into other artists who use light. Right now, just watching, listening, and absorbing.

Consolation: Smoky, fiery performances. Beautiful sculptures of smoke, soft colors and intense colors. Then come the explosions of lights inside the layers of chromatic clouds. Sublime, Beautiful, terrifying, apocalyptic, and heavenly.

Cai Guo Qiang Sky Ladder

effemeral sculptures

Revisiting materiality: Explosions on the canvas. Painting through destruction, reduction, with fire.

“playing with gun powder set me free”

“spectacular… playing on the big stage. Pop art, converging of art and entertainment is the currency of the day” Well, certainly many of Cai’s works fit this description. However, how sweetly poetic that Sky Ladder finally worked performed in his hometown for his grandmother. Captured of course, by film.

Pipilotti Rist Pixel Forest (so heartbroken I cannot see this)

Diane Thater Art 21 and The Sympathetic Imagination. This opens Oct 29th at the MCA. Can’t wait to go, and go again and again.

Moholy Nagy Future Present I hope to see this next week. Such an influence on my work over the years.

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