Postcard Covid Mapping

Cosmic Diagrams 

Mapping cosmic spaces of spiritual power

for comfort and healing during the Covid19 Pandemic crisis. 

Each artwork is an imagined space for the recipient to enter. These drawings are done in ink on postcard stock and mailed to people as a form of comfort and a message of support and love. As a community engaged concept, they create a connection of shared post-humanistic kinship.




Roughly translating as “hospitality” Xenia is derived from the greek word ξένος “xenos” which means stranger. Xenia is a value and philosophy of providing comfort to others in your community and especially to strangers. It is the idea of knowing that our community is a place of welcome for all. I embody this value by sending these drawings as a source of comfort for others.

*A special thank you to my family: Zoe Xanos, Brie Buczek, Frankie Buczek, and Athena Xanos who play word games with me to develop the titles for the artworks.

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