Terrain Biennial – Exiled in Light :|: Through the Looking Glass

Exhibited at 4916 S. Leamington, Chicago, IL as part of the Terrain Exhibitions 2021. The Exiled in Light videos were projected upon the windows of the host house and viewed by visitors from the outside. The Never(W)here soundscape accompanied the video animations for an immersive and eerie transportation of the viewer experience.

Collaborations with dancers Allen Turner and Irene Hsiao resulted in powerful and beautiful interpretations of the work. Each dancer consorted and “spoke” with the videos, inhabiting the exiled world of light and dark by dancing in the visions. Their serpentine movements were seen as silhouettes outside the windows, disrupting the otherworldly habitats of light. Live videos were streamed from the private viewing inside the projections.

*More videos of each will be posted soon. In the meantime you may see video excerpts recorded live on Instagram @Nightbird888.

Never(W)here Soundscape that accompanied video projections

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