Through The Wormhole

A Still Life in the Dark

Exploring my relationship with light and dark. Thinking, Thinking, Thinking..  Traveling through the wormhole. Otherworldly, Transformation, Alienation, Isolation, Immersion, Sinister…Sublime


Shooting still images. I love experimenting with aperture and speed settings while taking photos. I’m very interested in obscuring and abstracting the view of what I’m shooting. The images are  otherworldly and immersive, conveying a mood and state of being involving my personal relationship with darkness and light.

I’ve created still life set ups from objects that are reflective, diffusive, translucent, and luminescent. I thought about documenting the still life set up, but chose not to because I don’t want to destroy the mystery of the images. I don’t want people seeking out this object or that. I want viewers to lose themselves in the images. I want the image to feel transformative and otherworldly. I purposely frame the view and choose settings to obscure recognition of any specific object in the shot. A 100mm macro lens is proving very helpful with this, as it allows me to get really close. I frame the view on reflections rather than the still life objects themselves. The objects are set up to cast multiple reflections on top of each other.

Finding Still Life objects
A glimpse into my still life photos on Light Room

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All photographs are the sole property of Valerie Xanos

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