Articulating nodes (|) movement in mothering spheres

Ink Drawing, Latex Print on Canvas Fabric


18” x 61”

This abstract drawing conceptualizes the spaces of mothering seen as schematic diagrams of different worlds of the mother artist. The diagrams contain nodes and tendons which act as strings that connect different sections of different worlds. 

Many women care for not only children, but multiple people in their lives. We are the caretakers of those we love. Our worlds of art making, home, work, childcare, family, friends, colleagues, illness, and personal care are like multiple spheres which simultaneously work together and against each other. Nodes connect and create flow or disruption as each of the spheres and spaces interlock/interweave/interfere with and influence the creativity and actions of the mother artist. A small movement in any node will create sudden motion and reverberations in other nodes until all the spheres hum, pull, swing and spin, and vibrate with the current of the mother-life.

Pen and ink drawings were scanned and assembled digitally to create the composition which was then printed on fabric. The fabric conceptualizes the domestic life which impacts the mother artist. This particular piece of fabric is the width and height of the artist’s body.

This work was partially funded through a DCASE IAP Grant.

This drawing was created for a group exhibition by the MotherArt Revisited Collective Thresholds in Parameters of What it is to Be at the Clovis Community College Gallery in Fresno, CA.

How do we as women maneuver through this labyrinth of being told we can “have it all,” while feeling like we never make the mark?  What are the real barriers holding women back? 

This exhibition explores the unique challenges of being a woman/artist/caretaker, carving out time to make artwork in the spiraling work/life demands of the 21st century.


Nancy Youdelman, Mother Art: Revisited-Sonja Blum, Marjorie Boyles, Laura Drey, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, Margarita Fainshtein, Patricia Rain Gianneschi, Beth Iska, Monica Guidry Kelsi, Jenny Keyser, Susan Kruegar-Barber, Jessica Mueller, Kris Schaedig, Erin Schalk, Galina Shevchenko, Joanne Tepper Saffren,  Valerie Xanos, Jamie Nakagawa Boley, Vanessa Addison-Williams, Janice Ledgerwood, Laura D. Meyers,  Joan Sharma, Stephanie Ryan, Stephanie Bradshaw, Stephanie Ryan, Stephanie Bradshaw, Cecilie Carnes, Marina Leybishkis, Leslie Batty, Jenny Chernansky, Sara Sandoval Gaviria, Carol Tikijian

Clovis Community College Gallery AC1   

Opening Sept 1 – Sept 28

Reception Sept 1, 2022, 4 PM-7 PM

Group Exhibition Title: Thresholds in Parameters of What Is To Be

Artist Talks:

Sept. 29, 2022 Mother Artists in A Feminist Utopia with Sonja Blum.,

Sept. 22, 2022 The Intersection of an Artist and Teaching Practice.


Frenso State University Gallery M/Conley Art Gallery

January – February 2023

Group Exhibition Title: Thresholds in Parameters of What Is To Be

An exhibition of 52 Woman artists including Pamela Sneed, Claudia Hart, and MotherArt Revisited Collective.

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