Proud to be able to collaborate with my daughter Athena Xanos and her best friend (my other daughter from another mother) Jessica Dzialek for this series of photographs created Oct 2019 – March 2020.

The works chronicle the birth of Athena’s son, my grandson, Basile Grey. Printed on fabric, we explore the labor of women, both in birth and in the care of the home (laundry, making of clothes, etc). We are also thinking about connections, between mother and son, mother and daughter, sister and sister.

How are hands an integral part of the labor and connections experienced in a woman’s world?

They will be exhibited at the Chicago Art Department for the Mother Art Revisited show “Knots and Nodes” (date TBD).

Here are a few glimpses into the works which act as a series and are hung from laundry lines.

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