Inspired by 3hund’s “Lucid”

Light Installation by 3hund

Oh my!   This is right up my alley…

“Installing beacons in scenes of thick forests and milky lagoons, German duo Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor of collective 3hund produced the film LUCID in order to capture the melancholy mood of these displaced works. The short film is a surreal tale of loneliness, with long panning shots that highlight electroluminescent shapes’ placement within selected alien-like environments. The light installations are all unique to their specific landscape, and differ between groups of thin lines, small orbs submerged in water, and illuminated triangles that seem to hover above the rocky terrain.”

Found this in a Colossal article and The Making of Lucid documentary is fascinating too.


I get so excited about finding work that speaks to me  on multiple levels, as an artist, activist, and teacher. This film is made by a collective 3hund, (like my own Guerrilla Art Collective), and they work with light (like me) in spaces of isolation (like GAC wants to do). I want my students to see this. We have been focusing on concepts of vacant urban space, physical, social and cultural. Even addressing “the space between us” as was put so eloquently by Sara Spachman in a meeting of minds yesterday with the Democracy Schools Initiative. Here is a film that creates site-specific works in natural settings that are isolated from human contact. Empty of people, but profoundly full of wonder. What a different view of isolation out here, not urban blight or lost connection in the crowded metropolis. Instead, these surreal and melancholy scenes fill me with longing to be there alone.

Then there is my personal artistic reaction to the film. Here is a gorgeous and lush work that uses light in the darkness, as I do. I want to absorb it, before I write more. I am very moved, having a visceral reaction that I can’t quite put into words at the moment.

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