Light Matters at the Chicago Art Department

LIGHT MATTERS April 13-27 Chicago Art Department     Light Matters  Galina Shevchenko. Valerie Xanos. Margarita Fainshtein Opening Reception April 13th 6pm-10pm Artists in Conversation April 14th 5pm-7pm Closing Reception April 27th 6pm-10pm Fainshtein, Shevchenko, and Xanos work with light projection installation focusing on personal narratives of body, memory and perceptual shifts light as media.  The artists explore light as…


Evocative of solar winds, this video is part of the Never(W)here installation. To view the video: Click this link Solar


One of the completed animations for installation, Never(W)here. Evocative of micro worlds of cellular landscapes, this animation is a portal into mesmerizing visions of alternate spaces of sublime light and darkness.        

SPERO – Hypertext Story of Memory

  SPERO is an excerpt of a larger body of writing that is about the life of my father told through family memories. This work is a labor of love and exploration with the electronic medium for literature. I chose to create SPERO with Twine, a hypertext literature/gaming software, because this work needs to be experienced…

Inspiration – Do Ho Suh

Thinking Web Overlap of concepts in my mind as I create real and digital spaces – Inspiration… Do Ho Suh My Memory – Other’s Memories – Experiences Places of bodily occupation /existence Rebuild, Reform, Recreate, Perception – the artist Perception – others in my spaces/installations/perceptions/memories Simultaneous – what was, what is, what may be, what is…

The Collective as Author

Death of the Author >< Birth of the Collective Blending my artist practice and my teacher practice has been particularly rewarding. I find a lot of riches through teaching the Guerrilla Art Collective (GAC) as an artist. I get to explore concepts and projects that allow me to work with a group of powerful and…

Alien Landscapes

Collage artworks =][= Summer 2017 What if your body was transported, across time, across space to another dimension, another universe? What would your terrestrial eyes perceive and not comprehend? What connections would you make to understand your own sensory perception?

Electric Analog

More ruminations on Expanded Literature. Analog style…  These works have been on my mind lately, relating to some inquiries from the last couple of years. Check out this video for Pichler’s sound piece based on Broodthaers take on Mallarme’s poem, Un coup de des Jamais.  Michalis Pichler

“Can I Speak to You about Text?”

Thinking about Electronic Literature and my own artist’s writing practice. What writing practice you say? OK I admit that I have not shared much of that on this blog, but I do write. I write poetry and, recently, a vignette inspired by a scene from Anna Deavere-Smith’s Fires in the Mirror. Nurtured and inspired by…

Exiled in Light :|: Never(W)here

SAIC’s LRMFA Open Studios Exhibit 2017 I create immersive environments that are contemplative and trace-inducing in order to produce shifts of perception for the participating viewer. Installations of slow moving animations and projections provide portals to sublime light and dark visions based on my experience of being exiled in an alternate universe which is both…