SPERO – Hypertext Story of Memory


SPERO is an excerpt of a larger body of writing that is about the life of my father told through family memories. This work is a labor of love and exploration with the electronic medium for literature. I chose to create SPERO with Twine, a hypertext literature/gaming software, because this work needs to be experienced in a particular way. The reader is an important part of the interactive quality of the work.

There is a growing body of literature that produces writing in a non-linear format. Expanded literature overlaps with electronic/new media, gaming, virtual reality and visual art. Below find a link to SPERO and to an accompanying theoretical document that explains my artistic intentions and choices.

Click below to read/explore/play the Electronic Literature work:

**NOTE: The host site for the twine had some technical issues, but it is working again.


Click below to read theoretical discourse about SPERO

Tangled Roots PDF

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  1. Harpreet says:

    Very nice!!


    1. Thank you Harpreet!


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