Exiled in Light :|: Never(W)here

SAIC’s LRMFA Open Studios Exhibit 2017

I create immersive environments that are contemplative and trace-inducing in order to produce shifts of perception for the participating viewer. Installations of slow moving animations and projections provide portals to sublime light and dark visions based on my experience of being exiled in an alternate universe which is both tragic and sensual, sinister and soothing.

My influences range from stories of magic and mythology, to sci-fi novels and movies, to physics – which makes me think about how light waves can harness a form of space/time travel. Concepts of falling into rabbit holes, being lost in fairy lands, underworlds, and alternate dimensions are used as a metaphor for my own alienation and alternative perception of the world of light and dark.  The viewer is invited to become part of these alternate worlds and shift of perception.

This installation is composed of two separate spaces, Exiled in Light and NeverWhere.

:|: Exiled in Light :|:

 Exiled in Light uses projected animations that break upon reflective constructions that act as disruptors throughout the room. Viewers interact with the moving projections and constructions to become disruptors themselves. This creates a sense of immersion in a world of shifting light, color, and alien imagery.


:|: Never(W)here :|:

NeverWhere is accessed through light blocking curtains into a completely black room. The viewer is disoriented by the darkness, unsure of their footing and spatial interaction. The only light emanates from two screens on opposite walls, playing slow moving animations that work in dialog with each other. NeverWhere acts as an “in-between” dimension where viewers are lost, gazing through portals into alien micro and macro worlds.

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