Exiled in Light :|: Never(W)here

Valerie Xanos has an interdisciplinary artist practice. Her thesis work uses analog and digital media to create site-specific, immersive installation art within a particularly composed architectural space. The Exiled in Light :|: Never(W)here series uses light projection, LCD installation, video animation and a digital soundscape to focus on personal narratives of body, memory, and perceptual…

Excerpts from “Exiled in Light” – Φως

Φως :|: Light Standing barefoot at a window in the dark room, I reach out one finger and pull aside the curtain for a peek. A bright narrow beam of light streams through the tiny opening. A white-gold blade, it cuts through the air and lands on the floor near my foot. I move my…

Blue Veils

This is a third video as part of the Exiled in Light :|: Never(W)here series. Click the link below: Blue Veils  

Light Matters at the Chicago Art Department

LIGHT MATTERS April 13-27 Chicago Art Department     Light Matters  Galina Shevchenko. Valerie Xanos. Margarita Fainshtein Opening Reception April 13th 6pm-10pm Artists in Conversation April 14th 5pm-7pm Closing Reception April 27th 6pm-10pm Fainshtein, Shevchenko, and Xanos work with light projection installation focusing on personal narratives of body, memory and perceptual shifts light as media.  The artists explore light as…


Evocative of solar winds, this video is part of the Never(W)here installation. To view the video: Click this link Solar

Immersive Space with Diane Thater

November 11, 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago If you know my work, then you know why THIS is the show of the year! How wonderful to experience Diane Thater’s The Sympathetic Imagination, as I am just beginning to work with projections and immersive environments. To quote the MCA introduction, “At the heart of Thater’s…

The Sublime Light and Dark

This work is about the artist’s personal relationship with light and dark. The photographs are taken in the darkest of night and intended to express conflicting and sublime emotions about the nature of light and dark, and the physical/psychological responses of the artist.